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Platform Administration – Whitelabel RMM – NinjaOne

Whitelabel RMM – Platform Administration | NinjaOne

Secure sign in. Ninja enforces multi-factor authentication for all logins – regardless of user role, supporting SMS text, authenticator apps …

Take control of the NinjaOne portal through custom branding, granular user control, and access management.

Public API – NinjaRMM – NinjaOne

NinjaRMM Public API

Ninja RMM Public API documentation. See also: Device Filter syntax · Webhooks · Contact the developer. Authorize. system. Core system Entities and Resources.

NinjaRMM Public API v2 Documentation

Ninja RMM Single Sign-On SSO

Ninja RMM Single Sign-On | Ninja RMM SSO Integration

To configure SSO, login to NinjaRMM with Admin credentials. Go to Configuration > Accounts > Single Sign-On and select Configure. Ninja RMM Single Sign-On …

Ninja RMM Single Sign-On is a cloud based service. Configure Ninja RMM SAML SSO which demands only 1 password to login into your web & SaaS apps including Ninja RMM

RMM System login and local administrator? : r/msp – Reddit

Reddit – Dive into anything

Aug 26, 2020 — We create a local admin but the username is random (prefix+GUID) with a random complex password. For AD clients we then use LAPS to manage …

Question for the community. If you guys use RMM tools which almost all have SYSTEM privilege, do you still install a local admin account on …

Ninja RMM and Splashtop Integrations

Ninja RMM and Splashtop Remote Access & Support Integrations

Get NinjaRMM with the Splashtop add-on to provide remote support to your … Connect to clients’ computers and mobile devices with a simple 9-digit code …

Get NinjaRMM with the Splashtop add-on to provide remote support to your computers. Add other Splashtop solutions for quick support and to resell / enable end user access.

NinjaOne (@NinjaRMM) / Twitter

Help us celebrate #ITFestivus and enter to win a PS5 + Ragnarok by sharing your best “Admin Feat of Strength” in the comments! We’ll be picking 10 finalists and …

ninja_rmm_scripts/Add-Local Admin.ps1 at master – GitHub

ninja_rmm_scripts/Add-Local Admin.ps1 at master · TRECpro/ninja_rmm_scripts · GitHub

Many of these scripts will also work outside of the Ninja RMM. … set as a local administrator, with password, hidden from login (if needed).

Scripts for the Ninja RMM. Many of these scripts will also work outside of the Ninja RMM. No association with Ninja is implied. Use at your own risk. – ninja_rmm_scripts/Add-Local Admin.ps1 at master · TRECpro/ninja_rmm_scripts

Ninja’s Credential Exchange – Use Privileged … – YouTube

Integrating with NinjaRMM – IT Glue

The NinjaRMM sync described below will do the following: Discovers all customers and devices … Log in to IT Glue and navigate to Account > Integrations.

Introduction Use this article as a guide to create and maintain an RMM integration with NinjaRMM, which gives you information about CPU,…

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